The Hunger Games

So I recently read The Hunger Games series and watched the film adaptation of the first book. I think both were very well done and there is little that I would change in either. I didn’t love the exact way that the story-line in the book went, but that wasn’t the point of the story. It wasn’t a “happily ever after” sort of book, it was an “image this situation and its repercussions” type of book. I do however have something to say about themes in the book. It seems like every person on the planet is trying to give the book series a different theme, from reality to unreality, to poverty vs wealth, to the power of the media, to the strength of a female character. And yes, it is possible that every single one of these messages is in the books, but it is also possible that they are not. You see, that is the beauty of the universe that Susan Collins has created, it has a base in reality. Instead of every action having some definite meaning and there being some overarching theme that truly unifies the books there is none. The books explore the power of perception and family and government but they never make a statement about any of those things. They simply show that those things have power without ever trying to imply if that is a good or bad thing, and in this way the books are real. They have every theme and no theme and their only unifying idea is the idea that perception is a powerful shaping force. This perception power is even explored in the very way the book is written, through the perception of Katniss Everdeen. So yes these are good books, and no they do not necessarily promote your pet cause or theme. They simply explore the idea of perception and let the reader decide what they believe the message truly is.