I am not perfect

….not even close. 

I am not really good at anything and most of the time I feel like my existence is just silly because I don’t do much. But tonight while feeling the genuine joy of having something good happen with a band I love (five iron frenzy got back together, actually announced about 3 weeks ago but I hadn’t bothered to verify) I feel human. The fact that I as a teenager in my basement can feel an excitement about such an event and know that there are people in their 30s living all around the world feeling the same joy I feel makes me feel like I am somehow fundamentally connected to the human race. I am a part of something bigger than myself, of a joy bigger than myself, and for just one moment I am significant. I am part of the world and right now nothing, not even my own self loathing, can take that away from me. A little part of me matters and this little part of me connects me to the human race. I am connected and I am reminded how amazing it is to be a nerd, a nerd who can unironically jump up and down love stuff. I Love Five Iron Frenzy!

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